She will be alright. she has always been so strong.

Don’t worrie baby girl, you will see your dad again some day. But now is not your time. Show him the person you can be, make him proud kass!

I wonder

What dying would be like..I have tried it before, but it never really worked out. I wonder if it’s freeing. Or do you just become nothingness?
I wonder if you feel helpless, like you do when someone you loved and trusted forces themself inside you. When you can’t do anything but lay there and cry while all there body wait crushes you to a point that moving is no longer an option. Then when it’s all over your not sure what to do because, one; your to young to really understand what just went on
And two; you don’t know if it was really unwilling because he was your boyfriend.
Death is a strange thing.
A op out when your at your weekest. When your to far under to get back up. And when you finally understand who people are.


Here I come

I’m hurt.

Not because of him, but because of his friends (who I thought were my friends too). I try not to bring drama..didn’t think I was. But when the only ppl you have seen in the last 3 months don’t want to see you around anymore. Your heart breaks a little.

What do you do

If someone tells you they give up?

Out of your mind!!!

Are you fucking kidding me?? You text me and tell me I’m doing something wrong when your the one making everyone’s life hell?? I told you idk and your answer back when I say call me is “idk”
Who the fuck do you think you are?! When you finally call me, you tell me “don’t worrie about it”. That just makes me when to fucking kill you. You can not disrespect me like that. Don’t question me like I did something so wrong. If there is a problem then talk to me about it like a man, but don’t you dare EVER think that I’m am the one lucky to have you. If anything your the one lucky to have me! I should have never taken your sorry ass back the first time we broke up. Your the last person in this world that I need shit from.
I have my own fucking problems in life but im to wrapped up in all your drama bull shit that I’m not even thinking about my self anymore.
There for I give you 2 options,
you can ether grow the fuck up and handle this relationship like a man,
You can give me all my shit back and never worrie about how many text messages someone and I have ever sent to each other.

But for the time being

I don’t need you.


It finally went down last night, it was so good I want more.

No way

I can’t believe I said that last night…my feelings are so confused


Everything happens for a reason, and sometime you want things you just can no longer have. But everything’s going to be alright.

They both got back…John says he was good on his trip but being so fucked up everyday around so many girls, knowing I will never find out..why would he not, right? I can’t trust him anymore.
Jake came into work and my knees felt like jello. I didn’t know he was coming back yet, he keeps texting me wanting to hang out but I’m scared:( he is going back soon and I don’t want him in my life if he is only here to visit. Ugh..
I wish that I could love someOne and stop when I wanted to. Like snapping my fingers.